Turkeys were extinct in Ontario until back in the 80’s, member supported and funded, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters brought turkey breading stock from a variety of sources, raised them, and under controls, released them back into the wild.

By careful control, the turkey population has grown providing hunting opportunities for Ontario sportsmen and viewing opportunities for everyone else.

So if you enjoy seeing wild turkeys here in Ontario, thank a hunter.

canada wild turkey population

More on Canada’s wild turkeys

Wild turkeys love the deciduous forest life because there is usually plenty of food there to eat. They are not fussy eaters!

Sometimes you might be lucky to get an up-close-and-personal view when one of these majestic creatures walks down your residential street.

Or maybe you would like them in your backyard. If so, set up a ground feeding station. It is that simple … just provide them with cracked corn or mixed bird seed on the ground.

They will find it. They will also clean up what the other birds at the feeders in the trees etc. drop.

They love crab apples so if you have a fruit tree, and the apples fall to the ground, these big birds wild be in smorg heaven!

Don’t worry about their stool droppings because they usually poop in the same spot over and over. They are not the the chickens that poop everywhere they walk.

They need water just like you, so provide them with ground or at least very low bird baths or basins.

You might even catch them taking a bath. If you don’t want to bother with the water, they can bathe in dirt and dust.

As far as sleep accommodations, brush or wood piles and thick shrubs will do for the night, but they do prefer the safety of a large mature deciduous tree to do their nightly roosting.

You may even see a wild turkey in a suburb near you…

Wild Turkey sightings – What the people are saying

“I live in Ottawa and there is tons of them in the fields by our house” – Alan

“Have them in London too😀” – Linda

“They have been known to spread their wings and fly across moving vehicles at the last minute.” – Mike

“And the wild birds will attack if you get too close ..” – Brian

“We get them along the road between Pike Bay and Sauble Beach all the time.” – Doug

“We have so many here in Galt. Fun to watch them” – Lynn

“We live in Muskoka now and have them in our yard on and off throughout the year, sometimes as many as 30.” – Esther

wild turkey pic

One final thing …

Please don’t use insecticides or herbicides on your property. They will live longer if you keep your yard organic. The more natural you keep things, the more likely you will get a family of wild turkeys living just outside your window.

Bonus: See Wild Turkey sightings here

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