Schools in Waterloo Region

The region of Waterloo is home to some of the best schools, colleges, and universities in the country. With two universities, a college, and many high schools and grade schools, the city offers enough education to ensure your family can progress into further education without leaving the city. In Canada, it is incredibly common for students to leave their home city to attend university or college in another city. This adds costs to the already steep education fees many students pay. Waterloo has an excellent school system and offers families the chance to stay within the region of the Tri-City’s in order to get some of the best education the country has to offer.

The University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is one of the highest ranked universities in Canada. The schools offers many different faculties and programs for students including arts and humanities programs, mathematics, science, and engineering. There are also smaller faculties offering fine arts programs, environmental degrees, and more. The University of Waterloo is home to a few colleges that offer degrees through the university, ensuring you have the same quality education and prestigious degree at the end of your studies. The University of Waterloo is best known for its engineering program, which is one of the most highly regarded in Canada. The program is so popular that the university has thousands of international and exchange students from across the world. This is why Waterloo is a great place to immigrate to, as there are many people who are in the same or similar situations. With plenty of choice at the University of Waterloo, there are faculties and programs to suit many different interests. The school offers short term programs, bachelor degrees, and master degrees.

In terms of student life, the University of Waterloo offers students the chance to live on or off campus and provides international and exchange students with plenty of support. There are restaurants, study places, libraries, and endless activities and entrainment on campus. The university offers students a great mix in terms of student life and studying.

Laurier University

Laurier University is located down the street from the larger University of Waterloo. Laurier is best known for its business and arts programs, which offer students both bachelor and masters degree programs. The school offers a variety of different programs including housing faculties in math, science, business, arts, environment, and more. The school is known to have a better study life balance than The University of Waterloo. Laurier University also offers many incredible sports teams and programs and has a great theatre and music program.

Much like the University of Waterloo, Laurier University offers students on and off campus housing near the university. The school also has plenty of on-site libraries and study space, restaurants, pubs, and gyms. With variety and fun leagues, Laurier offers students a great study life balance with many opportunities to play sports, study, get involved with music and art, and much more.

Conestoga College

Conestoga College is one of the most highly regarded hands on colleges in Canada. Closely associated with the nearby Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, Conestoga College trains hundreds of students each year and has an incredible study to career success rate. Many programs are offered through the two Conestoga College campuses including nursing degrees, engineering programs, math, science, environmental, and arts programs, and perhaps most popularly construction and service programs. Many service workers including police, nurses, painters, carpenters, plumbers, and construction workers often graduate from the school.

Conestoga College has two campus, one of which is located in Waterloo, while the other is located on the outskirts of Kitchener. With housing both on and off campus, Conestoga College offers a unique experience that is very similar to that of the university experience. Many students get involved with sports, theatre, arts, and social clubs and groups.

High Schools

The city of Waterloo has three public high schools currently including Sir John A. MacDonald Secondary School, Bluevale Collegiate Institute, and Waterloo Collegiate Institute. The city also has one catholic school called St. David Catholic Secondary School and two private schools known as S.t Jude’s School and the KW Bilingual School. Offering top secondary education in Canada, the Waterloo region has incredible high schools that offer students everything from quality education to sports programs, theatre and music programs, access to resources, and the opportunity to volunteer. High schools in the region offer students the newest and most advanced technologies in the classroom, ensuring their secondary education is the best it can possibly be. Many local high school students from Waterloo enjoy their education so much, they go on to stay in the region and attend one of the universities or colleges. The high school your children or family members will attend may depend on the neighbourhood you settle in. Unless you have special circumstances, you will be directed toward attending a particular high school.

Elementary Schools

The city of Waterloo has many elementary schools located around the city. Depending on the neighbourhood you settle in, your family or children will be sent to a particular elementary school, unless you have special circumstances involving religion or a few other exceptions. There are over 20 different public elementary schools in the city of Waterloo. There are currently 7 catholic elementary schools in Waterloo as well as 1 public French school, 1 catholic French school, and 5 private elementary schools. Waterloo again offers students state-of-the-art technology in the classrooms and provides students with a well rounded education including the chance to get involved with sports, theatre, language, and education.


While both parents of many families work in Canada, there are many incredible daycares and nurseries in the city of Waterloo. Many daycares are privately owned and offer your children or family members plenty of resources, toys, and educational programs.

ESL Schools

Since Waterloo draws families and students in from all over the world, there are many ESL schools, both publicly and privately owned, that can help your family members, yourself, or your children settle in with more ease. Many programs are offered for people of all ages, including young children and adults, where you can practice your English through socializing, games, and education. The region of Waterloo is a great place to immigrate to because the services offered in the region are some of the best in the country and there are many people who are in similar situations, which makes settling in a little bit easier!

With so many options for both regular and advanced education in the region of Waterloo, the city is a hub for learning.

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