We Review the Best ESL Textbooks to Read, Write, and Speak English Fluently

We Review the Best ESL Textbooks for Learning to Read, Write, and Speak English

Here we review the best ESL (English Second Language) textbooks for adults, teens, and children to learn to read, write, and speak english!

If you’re an individual that is still getting accustomed to the English language, you may find yourself in the precarious position of trying to acquire the appropriate materials to learn to read and write, as well as speak the English language.

There are a a large number of textbooks and software that are designed to assist individuals with the acquisition of the English language, undoubtedly. However, with the plethora of options available, one may feel overwhelmed about what the best selection to make. There are a host of questions that one must ask themselves before making an investment into this type of literature/material.

  • What is my budget?
  • Does this book facilitate learning for someone at my level?
  • Is this book effective at teaching me everything that I need to know?
  • Is this book priced at a number that I’m willing to afford?

These questions as well as many others may be traveling through your mind as you attempt to ascertain the best books to purchase in order to help you learn the English language, whether you want to read it, write it, or speak it (or all three).

Fortunately, we’ve decided to help you cut down on the amount of work that you may have to do to figure this out by curating a list of the best books that we found online.

Below, is our shortlist of some good textbooks for learning the English language.

#1 – Children’s ESL Curriculum: Learning English with Laughter

Children’s ESL Curriculum Learning English with Laughter

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Quick review: Despite the fact that his book is geared towards the younger audience, it is still a great book for those that are just learning the English language. It has a variety of worksheets and other helpful little packets inside of the book that help individuals to learn the English language. There are also official tests that ESL children take as a placement test for certain classes in school.

#2 – ESL Teacher’s Activities Kit – written by Elizabeth Claire

ESL Teacher's Activities Kit

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Quick review: While this book is considered to be an ‘old classic’ in many of the ESL circles, it is still one of the essentials that any individual serious about learning the English language must refer to. Not only is it offered at an extremely cheap and discounted price, it is one of the most proven effective books for any individual that is looking to learn the English language. It’s extremely thorough in the material that is presented within and even partitions the different worksheets and lessons by age group, so that one can adjust the intensity/difficulty of the lesson at their discretion.

This is the perfect book for the individual that has gotten to an intermediate level in the English language and is looking to elevate to that next platform. This book by Elizabeth Claire also offers a host of different daily ‘exercises’ and grammatical tips for individuals to remember that are seeking to have a long-term grasp on the English language.

#3 – Compelling Conversations – by Eric H. Roth

Compelling Conversations – by Eric H. Roth

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This book is absolutely perfect for individuals that have mastered the ‘basics’ of the English language and are seeking to gain more fluency in their conversations. Once one has gained basic fluency in the English language to the point that they are able to understand what is being said to them as well as give rudimentary responses and feedback, the next step is to improve this understanding to the point that one can engage in a fluid conversation with another native speaker in such a way that the conversation appears to be intuitive and comprehensible, rather than a list of rehearsed or memorized responses. This is definitely the perfect book for acquisition for any ESL student that is ready to ‘step up’ to a more advanced learning module.

One of the greatest things about this book is that it is uniquely different from any English language learning books in that it directly challenges the user to use their brain power in order to advance their understanding of the English language and converse with other individuals. If someone is looking to become a fluid conversationalist in the English language and believes that they are ready to take that next leap, then this is the perfect book for them.

#4 – ESL Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults – Shelley Ann Vernon

ESL Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults – Shelley Ann Vernon

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This is a great book for any individual that is looking to pick up and learn some of the colloquialisms of the English language. That is primarily one of the reasons that the cover is somewhat geared towards those in the teenager age bracket. However, this is a book that presents a staggering amount of utility for individuals of all ages as it prescribes a host of exercises that are meant to help individuals that are struggling to learn the English language in such a way that will allow them to understand the nuances of the language as well as the ‘slang’ and other bastardizations that have developed over recent decades and even centuries.


In conclusion, all of the books listed and provided within this article are helpful for individuals that are truly seeking to gain a stronger and greater grasp of the material presented to them. Without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges facing ESL learners is gaining a greater idea and knowledge of all of the nuances that come with the English language and employing them in a natural and fluid manner. The books on this list were curated in such a way that any ESL learner – from kids, to teens, to adults, will be able to use them and gain this knowledge without trouble.

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