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The problem many people have when they learn any language is that they don’t have the practical terms and slang to sound authentic. Learning English goes beyond learning how to pronounce words. There’s a ton of slang and phrases that will automatically make you sound like an authentic English speaker, but only if they’re used correctly.

Here’s a video from their channel.

About RealLife English

When learning English, the student is often in another country where there’s really no way to practice their lessons. Chad, Justin, and Ethan have been teaching English to students in a variety of countries, so they understand the challenges students face. It’s the reason they started the site. Between them, they have over 20 years of experience with the process of teaching. They saw a gap in their students’ lives that needed to be filled.

They have three promised for students of the RealLife Way. They promise students will be inspired to reach their full potential as people. The student should feel empowered to take their lessons into the real world with confidence. They want students to feel connected with the world beyond their local community.


The site is full of podcasts on practical things. There are more than 170 episodes with new ones coming out consistently. The podcasts range in topics like those that discuss why learning English is vital, how to have confident phone conversations, and how to pass the Visa interview. There’s one podcast full of expressions and slang like “second wind,” which is when someone is tired but gets an extra burst of energy. “Slack off” is being lazy, while “you nailed it” is when you did something perfectly. When you learn with the podcast, you can hear it said correctly, learn what the terms mean, and when to use them in the right way.

Free Mini Course

There is a free mini-course offered by the teachers at RealLife. The mini-course is the introduction to how they plan to introduce the lessons as well as the methodology behind the learning series. Many of the lessons revolve watching television and learning English without having to read the subtitles.

Lessons – Articles

All of the lessons are available in formats like articles written in English. There are over 700 articles to download including free ones like “101 Words You Won’t Learn in School.” Learning grammar and correct pronunciation can be incredibly boring, so they have tried to liven it up with practical lessons that teach you things that are important like how to be funny in English. Humor is entirely subjective, but it’s often done by manipulating words and their meanings. That’s something difficult to learn with dry English lessons.

Learning Through Television

RealLife will break down everyone’s favorite television series “Friends” to tackle the reason it’s hard to understand native English speakers. While you might be learning how to say a phrase as well as times when it’s appropriate to say it, native speakers are shortening that phrase making it unrecognizable.

For example, instead of saying “I’m going to go to the store,” native speakers will shorten that to “I’m gonna run to the store.” They might even shorten it further if they’re really in a hurry to “Imma run to the store.” Scenes are hand picked from the series for their word play and jokes. Each episode chosen comes with a guide that can be downloaded.

There are other television series picked for lessons like The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Shows that are incredibly popular have an advantage because they’re full of common slang taken directly from the world at the moment.

Innovative, Fun Learning

Between the podcasts where you can hear idioms and popular comedies where you can pick up cultural references, the site is packed full of fun, innovative lessons that you can practice immediately. Instead of repeating phrases that you’ll never hear or use, you’ll be able to pick them up from the television shows they’ve included.

Many people who have learned English did so as children watching cartoons and kids’ shows. You’re able to do the same thing as an adult with shows and guides that will explain the meaning of the things you’re hearing. Instead of subtitles that spell out the words to read, you’ll be able to read the guide for the phrases and see an explanation of their meaning.

Power Learning Course

All of the fun learning with podcasts and TV shows is enhanced when you have the Power Learning Course. It’s a traditional-style course for learning a language with PDF lessons, MP3s, and flashcards for repetition learning. There’s also a webinar training. All the serious learning still revolves around a fun television show called Friends. It’s a 48-week fluency course.

There’s also a 42-week course that is delivered to your email every week. It has flashcards, MP3 files, and PDF lessons. These lessons can be applied towards fun television shows and other innovative learning like the podcasts.

RealLife wants to make learning fun and allow students to engage in a positive, practical way with real life examples of the language. Instead of stilted English taught in a classroom, this is being spoken by those whose first language is English and in a humorous way that teaches slang as well as proper English.


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