Phil’s Grandson’s Place Waterloo Info and Review

phil's bar uptown waterloo

The motto for this nightclub is: “Don’t look up, don’t look down.” Everyone has been to Phil’s at least once and has some trashy story about the place.

Phil’s has been around since 1988. Phil’s is so old and well known that my manager that went to Laurier, 10 years before me still tells me about his times going to Phil’s when he attended school in the region.  So, by now, even the grandson is getting to be pretty old, apparently.  I would assume Phil himself must be 105 years old.  

Be that as it may, this 105 year old dude has created possibly the most legendary nightclub in the region, with some wild antics going down on a regular basis.

phil's grandson's place info and review

Phil’s is one of the cheapest spots for nightlife in the Waterloo region. I have been told numerous times that “you only need 20 dollars to get into Phil’s and get drunk.” This is a place to go to have fun on a budget. It’s easy to have a good time here without much money, given their cheap drinks and a simple $5 dollar admission fee.


Phil’s is located on University and King. It is right in front of Laurier. Furthermore, it’s completely accessible by public transportation. There is an RBC right next to it, as the place only accepts cash. There is an ATM inside.

Phil’s has the weirdest entrance I have ever seen. You pay cover and then head down a metal staircase to a basement and that’s where they party takes place. In a basement.  

To walk by this place in the daytime is something else.  It’s like a carnival ride that is waiting for people to step on it so it can give you a thrill.  Wheeee!

phils bar waterloo sign

Despite it’s grim allure, it’s a surprisingly lively environment. There’s a medium sized dancefloor, two bars, seating areas and obviously washrooms. There’s a pizza place right next to it that gets raided once everyone’s done with their night. It’s also convenient because it’s next to a plaza with food ranging from shawarma’s to bubble tea for all your drunchies.

Live Nights

Phil’s is open on 4 out of 7 days a week. They are open each night from 9:30 pm ‘til 2:30 am. It is highly recommended to arrive early or later as the line up tends to get beyond bearable around 10:30 pm up until 11:30 pm. Each night they’re open has a themed night.

Wednesdays – Hip Hop night. Wednesdays are generally the most popular nights at Phil’s, and line up is always crazier than usual on this day. It’s totally worth the wait if you’re into hip-hop, R&B and Reggae, because that’s all they will play that night! Note: They don’t accept health cards as a valid form of ID on this night.

hip hop reggae rnb at phils grandsons

Friday – On Phil’s Facebook page, this days is dubbed “Feel Good Fridays.” Personally, this is my favourite night. Don’t get me wrong: it’s still really busy regardless. However, the music is generally top 40 and pretty great dancing music if you listen to mainstream music. “DJ BANE mixes up anything you can think of. An eclectic mix of rock, house, trap, retro, dance, electro and hip hop.”

Saturday – First 100 ladies get in free, because it’s Ladies Night! “DJ Flash alongside one of Waterloo’s newest rising stars Michael Toor bring you the hottest mixes across all genres.”

ladies night phils

Sunday – This is my friend’s favourite night of them all; the theme for the night is Retro! DJ White Gold spins music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. This night gets even better as bar staff gets in for free because it’s “industry night.”


There’s a $5 dollar admission fee to get in. Once you are in, mixed drinks are $2.25, canned beer is $2.75, and mixed shooters are $2.75. Even if you went in sober, you’ll be drunk with $20 dollars at this place.


Once of the oldest nightclubs still operating in the KW region, is a frequent hot spot for night life. Every student going to a school in the region has probably been here at least once. It’s place you go for a good night on a budget, for the stories to tell and just to witness the insanity people complain about.

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