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Cakes at Nougat Bakery

Nougat is a type of candy, made from sugar or honey, whipped egg whites and chopped nuts, and sometimes candied fruit is added as well. In Southern Europe, it is an especially popular treat at Christmastime. It is sweet and chewy and delightful. What better name for a bakery? To me, the name encapsulates the excitement and joy of finding a beautifully wrapped bar of nougat inside your stocking on Christmas morning. Inside Nougat Bakery, you will not only find nougat, but also a variety of many other European pastries, cakes, tarts, cookies, bread, deli meats and much more.

nougat squares

When I was a child, my mother and I often went to Nougat Bakery for bread, jam, meat, and sometimes a slice of cake or a cookie if I was good. This was when Nougat Bakery was still located on Queen Street, just around the corner from where we were living. In these days, my mother called it the “Polish Bakery”.

I remember I would always go straight to the bread section; there were baskets holding fresh loaves bread: rye and sourdough and multi-grain. Best of all was when they put out bread samples; I always kept an eye out for these. It was such a wonderful surprise to find a plate offering pieces of soft buttered bread. It was my favourite part about going there.

Nougat Bakery has since moved from its store location on Queen Street to two newer locations: one is located at 75 King Street South in Waterloo Town Square, the other is located at 248 Stirling Ave South in Kitchener. The building on Queen Street is now used as a production plant.

Nougat Bakery Waterloo location
Nougat Bakery – Waterloo location
Nougat bakery Kitchener location
Nougat Bakery – Kitchener location

Baked Goods

Since 1992, Nougat Bakery has been hand-making bread using old-fashioned, European-style techniques and wholesome ingredients. Their bread is baked fresh everyday in their stone-deck oven. They offer many delicious types of bread such as sunflower rye, sourdough, müesli, goodhearth, and many others. One of my favourites is their egg bread; it is sweet and fluffy and goes perfectly with butter and strawberry jam.

bakery interior

Nougat Bakery also makes dozens of cookies, pastries and strudels. When I was little, my mother would sometimes treat us with a pastry called a “Pig’s Ear”. Don’t worry, there’s no pig in it, and it’s a lot yummier than it sounds. It’s a sweet, flaky pastry, almost heart-shaped, half dipped in bitter-sweet chocolate. The almond rings are another favourite: marzipan between layers of French puff pastry. Then there are “paczki”, a polish doughnut made of slow-rising yeast pastry, fried golden brown, and filled with jam, traditionally plum or rose hip jam, but there are other flavours as well.

paczki doughnuts

There are many beautiful cakes as well: light, fluffy mousse cakes, creamy cheesecakes, sponge cakes layered with cream – there are cakes with fruit, with chocolate, with nuts… There are more cakes than you can imagine!

various cakes

I’ve only scratched the surface of all the delicious treats at Nougat Bakery, but you can have a look at the product list on the Nougat Bakery website here:

cakes and crumbles

If you’re having any sort of party or event and would like to serve an elegant dessert, you can fill out an order form online, choosing from the many cakes and pastries that are available. Nougat Bakery will then deliver the pastries right to your door, or you can pick them up.


Nougat Bakery doesn’t only offer sweets: it also offers an excellent selection of European deli meats and local and imported cheeses. The pepperoni sticks are especially tasty. If you’re looking for Polish or German deli meat, this is an excellent place to go.

delicatessen counter

Eating In

Sitting in the elegant, relaxing atmosphere of Nougat Bakery, you feel like you’re in Europe. Sparkling chandeliers hang from the ceiling and old-timey music such as Frank Sinatra plays softly in the background.

chandelier in bakery

Nougat Bakery offers a lovely selection for breakfast: yogurt parfait, croissants with ham and swiss, baguettes with smoked salmon and cream cheese, and more. You could even get a slice of cake for breakfast if you wanted! (I can definitely see myself doing this.)

For lunch, Nougat Bakery serves a large list of gourmet sandwiches and wraps, soups, salads, and hot dishes that vary daily.

Nougat Bakery brews Illy brand coffee, which is, in my opinion, one of the best brands of coffee. They also have a nice selection of bagged teas, lattes, and hot chocolate. To top it all off, they serve their hot drinks with a small shortbread cookie on the side, which I think is a lovely touch.

tea and cookie

Other Goods

Nougat Bakery also offers a wonderful selection of imported European chocolates and candies. You’ll find marzipan, nougat, chocolate bars of all flavours, gummy bears, hard candies, wafer bars, and much more. Nougat Bakery also sells European jarred goods and preserves, such as jams, jellies and pickles.

sweets and chocolates

In a Nougat Shell

Ignoring that horrible pun above, Nougat Bakery is an elegant café, bakery and delicatessen that serves a wide range of European goods. The bread, cakes and pastries are expertly prepared with love and care, and the deli meats and cheeses are delicious and fresh. Whether you come from a Polish or German background, or you simply want to try something new, Nougat Bakery is a beautiful and high quality shop.

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