Nightlife in Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo is home to a diverse population. The region has people of all different age groups. Waterloo is home to two universities, the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University, and a large college, Conestoga College, the city has endless choices and options when it comes to nightlife. With over 30,000 students living in the region of Waterloo, there are many pubs, lounges, and nightclubs.

uptown waterloo

The city of Waterloo has a population of over 120,000 people and the nightlife in the city serves to entertain a large amount of the population. Since the city seems to grow in size when the students flood in each school year, Waterloo has a nice, balanced ambience between student life and family life.

With a wide variety of nighttime entertainment, Waterloo ensures students, adults, and families have a range of options and activities to choose from.


An abundance of pubs is accessible that cater to both students and mature adults. In the main hub of the city of Waterloo known as “Uptown”, there are plenty of pubs along the main street and on the side streets off of the main street, known as King Street. The many pubs range in the types of atmosphere they offer. All pubs offer food, which is a legal requirement of any place serving alcohol in the country.

Some of the popular pubs are:

Morty’s Pub


This a large pub on king, known for their Chicken Wings, and is popular for their atmosphere. They usually will televise sports games and are busy.

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chainsaw karaoke bar waterloo

Waterloo’s most renowned Karaoke pub. The best day to go is on a Tuesday.

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Molly Bloom’s Irish Pub

molly blooms waterloo

This is a small Irish pub located on University and Philip. The have live music and daily specials. This is a good spot to come to catch up with friends.

Find out more about Molly Bloom’s – Food & Drink, Atmosphere, Entertainment

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Kick Off Sports Bar & Café


Waterloo’s newest pub is home to mostly University of Waterloo students. It is a sports bar as the name would suggest and they televise sports games of the day.

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The Pub on King

the pub on king waterloo

This is a pub that is popular and has a friendly atmosphere. This is an easy place to meet new people, but can get packed easily making it hard to find seats.

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The Bombshelter Pub

the bombshelter waterloo

This is the University of Waterloo’s own pub. Found on their campus and known as the Bomber for short, it hosts a variety of events through the week including open mic and trivia night.

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Waterloo has many pubs scattered around the city and generally every neighbourhood has a pub within a short walking distance of 20 minutes or less. There are also pubs located on both of the university campuses.

In the nearby cities of Cambridge, Kitchener, and Guelph, there are many pubs that offer similar, but slightly different, types of atmospheres and events. If you want to try something new, there are plenty of options near the city of Waterloo. Oftentimes there are dress codes for clubs, including proper footwear.


Although Waterloo is a smaller city compared to larger ones nearby like Toronto, Mississauga, and London, Waterloo has many nightclubs. These nightclubs tend to cater to the university and college students as well as those who recently turned of legal drinking age.

Many of the nightclubs in the city open around 9 or 10pm and close in the early hours of the morning around 2am. Nightclubs in the city are located on the main street, King Street, in the Uptown area.

Some of the Nightclubs in Waterloo are:

Phil’s Grandson’s Place

phils waterloo

AKA Phil’s Grandson’s, this is the club everyone loves or hates. The club is located in a basement and is always busy. Come early to get in. The only rule here is don’t look up and don’t look down and you are sure to have a great night.

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Night School

night school nightclub waterloo

This is another favourite of students in the area. It is less packed than Phils and is a great place for people going in a large group.

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The Bombshelter Pub

bombshelter pub waterloo

The University of Waterloo’s pub also hosts a club night every Wednesday. This is a nice spot as the bar and dancefloor are separated well allowing for people to walk off to relax without leaving. It also has an outdoor patio which is nice to dance on in the summer.

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The Order

the order lgbt nightclub waterloo

This is the region’s well known gay club. They host events for members of the LGBT community to mingle and often have great music.

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Further down King Street into the city of Kitchener, there are many nightclubs. There are a couple of nightclubs located near the campus of Conestoga College.

Most of the nightclubs in the city charge an entrance fee, and in the wintertime when it’s cold, the clubs charge for coatcheck. Drinks range in price depending on the club and some clubs serve food and snacks.


With restaurants located across the city, there are many chain and independently owned restaurants that have bars inside. Many of the bars in restaurants are very casual and there is no dress code required. You can enjoy food, drinks, and t.v. entertainment in most of the restaurants. In the summertime, many restaurants with bars have patio areas that allow patrons to enjoy food and drinks outside. Since the city and the region get really hot in the summer months, many of these patios will stay open late, to ensure you can enjoy the summer months in style. Many of the restaurants close before or around midnight, however some stay open later, depending on the night and any special events that are taking place.


There are many theatres in the Waterloo region that host live events including concerts, plays, theatrical productions, musicals, and comedy shows. If you aren’t up for partying or socializing at a bar, restaurant, or nightclub, you can check out one of the many live events held throughout the city. With community centres, arenas, and auditoriums hosting social events, there are endless opportunities in the city of Waterloo for entertainment. Many theatres, auditoriums, and arenas serve snack and alcohol. Many well known bands, artists, comedians, and performers come to the region of Waterloo to perform for the locals. Nightclubs often host DJ’s from around the world and arenas and concert halls host bands and artists.


The city of Waterloo currently has two large and modern movie theatres and a smaller theatre that plays foreign and independent films. Playing all of the latest releases, movie theatres generally open around noon or 2pm, depending on the day, and close later on in the evening around midnight or later. Tickets are generally the same price and can be purchased before or at the time of the movie. Snacks and beverages are sold at the cinemas. There are other cinemas located in the nearby city of Kitchener, including the newest theatre which serves alcoholic beverages and provides VIP service with incredibly comfortable seats.

Other Entertainment

There are many other forms of late night entertainment in the city including bowling alleys, coffeeshops, and adult entertainment. Bowling alleys serve up alcoholic beverages, snacks, and occasionally have restaurants, bars, and arcades inside. In recent developments, there are other exciting and unique nighttime activities in the region of Waterloo including axe throwing and escape rooms, which are challenging and fun, especially in large social groups. Since the cities of Waterloo and Kitchener are located next to one another, there are plenty of options for entertainment closely located nearby.

The region of Waterloo has a wide variety of forms of entertainment at nighttime. From bowling, escape rooms, and adult entertainment to bars, pubs, and nightclubs, Waterloo has something for every personality type. Every night of the week, there are events across the city, whether it’s a simple drink out at a bar listening to karaoke or live music, or enjoying bowling with a small group of friends.

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