Molly Bloom’s @ Waterloo University Plaza

molly blooms irish pub waterloo ontario

Molly Blooms, or known as Molly’s to it’s admirers, is a popular pub in Waterloo. It is located next to the University of Waterloo on the intersection of University and Phillip Street.

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This Irish pub is an extremely popular spot for university students’ due to it’s convenient location. It is accessible by bus and is next to numerous restaurants. Molly’s is open everyday from 11:00 am to 2:00 am.

Despite the small size of the pub, numerous people are willing to wait for a table on most nights. Especially on popular nights, on days there’s a game going on and if it’s the election for the president of the United States.


They have about thirteen beers on tap. The beers on tap are: Labatt 50, Budweiser, Budlight, Keiths, Keiths Red, Shocktop, Rolling Rock, Mill St. Organic, Carlsberg, Stella, Guinness, Kilkenny and Somersby.

molly blooms waterloo beers on tap

Daily Specials

Their specials change day to day and are often a good deal. On Mondays, beef burgers are for only $5.00 and a pint of domestic beer is $5.00 as well. On Tuesdays, it’s half price wings. On Wednesdays, pitchers are only $13.00. On Thursdays, aka my favourite day to go, bottles of Stella Artois are $3.50 each. On Fridays, fish and chips are available, as well as triple mbar shots being available for $8.00 only. On Saturdays, Jager Shots are $3.00 (top pick) and bottles of wine are $15.00. Finally, on Sundays, breakfast is $6.00 and Caesar’s are only $3.00.


But the real catch is the $5 appetizers that are available every day after 9:00 pm. Molly’s has the best poutine I have ever had. Period. And yes, I have been to Quebec. That poutine is totally worth it for only five freakin’ bucks. Besides the poutine, there’s also nachos, fries, wings and other bar food for $5 bucks. They also do have incredible food in general.

fries and onion rings


Furthermore, the entire atmosphere of the pub is exhilarating. It is an entirely different environment than going to a club or any other bar. The cozy environment creates small spaces and let you partake in conversation with the people you come with. My rule for a good bar is if the people I arrived with can hear me 3 feet away.

But the pub is also set up in a way that makes you comfortable to approach other people and talk to them as well. It a very amicable space.


From Wednesdays up until Saturday, there is a live music starting from 10:00 pm. The music is generally indie or just generally popular old school music.

bands at molly blooms

All in all, the pub is a great spot to hang with your friends, get a drink and an appetizer. It is relatively cheap and is definitely a favourite spot in the Waterloo region.

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