Jobs In Waterloo Region

Situated in between the working city of Kitchener and the tiny mennonite village of St. Jacobs, Waterloo surprisingly has one of the most high tech industries in the entire country of Canada. With two highly regarded universities and one of the best hands on colleges in the province of Ontario, Waterloo draws in highly educated and hands on workers who choose to reside in the city after pursuing further education. With a mass marketplace for start-up companies and an already thriving sector with large and mid-sized high tech companies, Waterloo continues to grow each year in terms of employment, salary expectations, and lifestyle expectations. With a vast variety of job sectors and types of employment, Waterloo is a great place to immigrate to with its endless choices and its high level of income compared to lifestyle costs. While its neighbour Kitchener is know for its many blue collar jobs, factories, and hands on jobs, Waterloo draws in the next generation of intellectuals who start their own businesses, drive business to already established multi-million dollar companies, or further their education at the nearby universities in order to establish a successful business.

Types of Jobs

In the city of Waterloo there are many different jobs to be had. While the city is known for its advanced technology sector, there are many other occupations that are popular in the city.

Many residents work in service related jobs including working as doctors, nurses, dentists, and other service workers. Many people take up jobs in shops, restaurants, and other customer service positions.

Since Waterloo has a huge start up community, many graduates and seasoned working professionals find jobs in brand new companies. Many companies in the Waterloo area find great success in the start up community, especially in the high tech sector. While these companies start out small, their potentials for growth are large and the companies that were once small expand in size very rapidly. This creates a huge market for jobs constantly in the Waterloo region.

Although the nearby city of Kitchener has more blue collar jobs including factory and warehouse work, there are some available in the city of Waterloo. Waterloo has a few factories, especially on the outskirts that produce products from a variety of different sectors including agricultural and meat products, electronics, and more.


As mentioned above, the region of Waterloo is a thriving city of jobs that vary. There are many sectors of jobs in the city and this ensures that there is constantly work available. While some sectors are harder to break into as a newcomer to Canada, others are incredibly easy to find work in.

Sectors that are harder to find jobs in include education and health services. Many times, immigrants to Canada find it challenging to have prior schooling, education, and work experience to be relevant in the country. Oftentimes, health degrees or educational degrees will not be recognized in the country. This is more often true of the health sector than the education sector. While it may not always be possible to transfer your education and experience into the same job, there are often alternatives, including similar jobs that may recognize your talents and skills.

As previously mentioned, Waterloo is a hot spot for start up technology companies. There are hundreds of jobs in this sector that recognize and accept business professionals from across the globe. Since the universities in the city are very multicultural, companies recognize the importance of this and often hire a variety of people from across the globe to ensure a new perspective reaches the insides of their businesses. There are many jobs in the engineering sector as well as business in the Waterloo region. Many of these jobs include working for electronics and online service companies.

Since every city needs workers in the service industry, Waterloo is no different. There are many jobs to be had in shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and the like across the city of Waterloo. Since there are many students in the area, a lot of these customer service jobs are snatched up by students. However, many businesses prefer long term workers, so there are always opportunities for those looking to start a career in customer service. Students often work for a few months and return to their home cities for the summer months, ensuring there are plenty of jobs to be had at this time.

Many other jobs can be found year round in the city of Waterloo. Job boards and positions are often posted online, so using the internet is a great way to find and seek out jobs. A lot of other jobs are posted in the newspapers or simply spread by word of mouth. In the Uptown area of Waterloo, many restaurants and shops will post notifications on the street or on their windows to notify residents they are looking to fill positions, whether they are part time or full time.


Job locations vary in the city, however many jobs of the same sector are closely located to one another. While customer service positions are spread out around the city, many of the start up businesses choose to rent space in many of the busy areas like the Uptown of Waterloo. With trendy warehouses and factories converted into work spaces, a lot of start up companies secure these buildings in order to create a unique and modern atmosphere for workers.

The same is true of educational and healthcare positions, which are spread out across the city. Factories and warehouse work are often located on the outskirts of the city of Waterloo.

Waterloo is a thriving city in terms of work. Employers offer great working hours with reasonable to high pay. Since Waterloo is less expensive than other big cities including Toronto and Mississauga, the salaries and working hours of jobs are considered very excellent in the area. The cost of living in Waterloo, in terms of housing, is a lot lower than other parts of Ontario, ensuring settling in is easier and more affordable.

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