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Jane Bond interior

The name’s Bond. Jane Bond – a hip, cozy restaurant, bar and music venue located at 5 Princess Street West, open from 5pm until 2am Tuesday to Saturday. I just recently went here for the first time with my friend and we were both very impressed with the cocktails, food and decor.

Jane Bond bar and restaurant

Jane Bond is unique because it is a vegetarian restaurant. But not to fear, meat-eaters!  The food is so good, you won’t even notice that there’s no meat, and you certainly won’t miss it! Personally, as a vegetarian, it’s so exciting to go to a fully vegetarian restaurant that offers such an extensive selection of food, knowing that I can order absolutely anything I want from the menu! There are also vegan and gluten-free options as well.


There are a number of appetizers to choose from which are perfect for sharing with friends, such as Mediterranean pita bread, nachos, and a delicious Mexican creation called antojitos, which are grilled tortillas rolled up with cream cheese, bell peppers, jalapenos, and kalamata olives. There are also salads for anyone eating light.

Appetizers on plate


The entrees are delicious, lovingly made, and span many different flavours to suit whatever you’re craving. There’s spinach and ricotta lasagna if you’re feeling Italian, coconut curry if you’re feeling Indian, a quesadilla or enchilada if you’re feeling Mexican, and a vegetarian burger if you’re just feeling American, as well as many other delicious options.

Sandwich on plate

It’s a perfect place to sit down to a healthy (or healthier) dinner that is just as good as or even better than a meat-based dish. And to keep things interesting, desserts change from day to day; to find out what is being offered, you can ask your server about the daily dessert specials. There is also a very satisfying late night menu served from 9pm until midnight.

Vegan strawberry cheesecake

Delicious Drinks

Jane Bond is the perfect place to enjoy a drink. They offer a wide selection of beers, ciders, wine, shooters, and a variety of marvelous cocktails. When I was here, my friend and I ordered a cocktail called “Springtime in Paris”, (mostly because the name was so pretty), but we were not disappointed. It was exactly how I imagine springtime in Paris would be like: sweet, floral and elegant. It was probably one of the fanciest, most delightful cocktails I’ve ever tasted.

springtime in paris cocktail

The cocktails here are so terrific that I think even James Bond would abandon his regular martini and go for a lovely, fruity “Springtime in Paris” instead.

Fruity cocktails

Jane Bond also serves a few martinis, including one called the “007 Martini”. Their sangria is also quite delicious and refreshing. It comes with a little wedge of pineapple, a wedge of orange, and a raspberry floating in the glass to dress it up. In addition, the servers are all extremely friendly and take excellent care of their customers.

fruity cocktail

Live Music and DJs

Sharing the same building as the record store Orange Monkey, it’s only fitting that Jane Bond plays an impeccable selection of music. When I was here, the genres played were mostly lo-fi, alternative, psychedelic and indie rock. It was chill, enjoyable music that fit the ambiance perfectly.

Every Thursday night the bar features the “Boiler Room”, with DJ Galac and DJ Ango, starting at 10pm without any cover charge. Every Friday night at 10pm is “Ask for Janice” with the DJ Alberto Bee, also without cover charge. On top of this, Jane Bond also hosts many live music shows.

live music at Jane Bond


The atmosphere of Jane Bond puts one in mind of a James Bond movie from the 70s. The orange walls, the yellow and white accents, the slowly rotating disco ball, the rounded space-age chairs…it all feels very psychedelic and groovy. It’s very rare to find a restaurant or bar that emulates the mod style of the late 60s and early 70s well, but Jane Bond does it perfectly. I’d hardly be surprised if I saw a young Sean Connery saunter in, take a seat at the bar and order a martini, shaken, not stirred.

Jane Bond interior

The atmosphere is also very cozy and amiable. Each table has a candle and a small vase of fresh flowers, which shows a great attention to detail. There are coloured glass lanterns hanging along the walls which add a warm glow. And a small lit-up sign in the corner reads in colourful letters, “Good Vibes”, which accurately describes the mood here at Jane Bond.

Jane Bond interior

Outside the back door is a beautiful little patio, perfect for enjoying a drink on a cool summer night, when the crickets are singing. It is lit with golden, glowing lights that give the atmosphere a romantic feel.


All in all, Jane Bond is a wonderful bar and restaurant serving great food and drinks in a cozy, hip and funky atmosphere. I will definitely be back here, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Jane Bond exterior

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