It is no surprise that master anglers from all over the globe flock to Manitoba for winter ice fishing, what with the thousands of lakes and countless rivers in the area, literally overflowing with Walleye, Perch, Sauger, Silver Bass, Burbot and other prized fish.


In fact, fishing is practically a way of life for Manitobans, which is how they have indeed perfected this art.

Evidence of the unsurpassed ice fishing opportunities that are in offer in Manitoba, can be had from the fact that there are in excess of a hundred licensed ice fishing lodges and outfitters in the Manitoba area alone.

One such place, which is regarded as THE place to go for ice fishing, is the Narrows Sunset Lodge in rural Manitoba.

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Narrows Sunset Lodge is situated at Lake Manitoba, which is teeming with all the trophy fish as mentioned above, and also some of the biggest Freshwater Drum that you are likely to find anywhere on the planet.

While summer fishing is great at the Lodge, winter Ice Fishing is where all the real action is!

sunset narrows

Here’s what a typical day of ice fishing at Sunset Narrows Lodge is like: You wake up at the crack of dawn (early to bed and early to rise gives you all those fish prized!!!), and breathe in the crisp cool air, which is sure to invigorate your senses.

You then eat a nice hearty breakfast (prepared to perfection by the chefs at the Lodge) to give you strength for the exciting day of ice fishing ahead of you.


Once you’re ready and raring to go, your guide will take you to the best spots for ice fishing, which can be found as close as within a mile of the Lodge.

If you do not have a productive day at these spots (which in itself will be quite a rarity, practically impossible), you can make your way to the many unexplored fishing holes farther away from the Lodge.


Lunch can be on the ice itself and will feature your catch!

By evening, tired with all the day’s exploits, and all the fish that you have managed to hook, you can return to the Sunset Narrows Lodge for dinner, drinks, and relaxation.

The best part of ice fishing at Sunset Narrows Lodge and Cottages is that the fun need not end in just one day.


The Lodge has also started many out camps at Lake Manitoba, all of which are situated in hot fishing areas.

So, if ice fishing is all that interests you, it sure does not get any better than Ice Fishing at Sunset Narrows Lodge.

Holidaying In Manitoba This Winter

People are always on the lookout for some new and exciting holiday destinations, especially during winter time when Nature covers everything with soft, delicate snow.


Beaches and seaside resorts are a great option for holiday making, but sadly not practical in the winters. So where can a person go for some serious fun and frolic in this season???


Well, how about if we tell you about a place where you can be far removed from the madness and fast pace of the modern world and spend your days enjoying life at its most glorious?

sunset narrows lodge

Yes well, you can have it all in Manitoba, Canada.

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