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Encircle is a real-time documentation and collaboration software for the property/casualty insurance industry. Encircle was founded in 2013 at Velocity by Ronuk Raval, Paul Donald and Christophe Biocca. Encircle has also had space to work in the Velocity Garage.

This is an app that allows to create real-time documentation of your inventory. Before Encircle, a lot of documentation was required to prove that home owners did in fact have products they claim through insurance. They made is easier to for everyone to document and/or record their inventory. The app is available on both Android and Apple Store. They have a free trial available to new users.


The app is targeted to the modern front-end workforce.

They are mainly a B2B company. The app is used by contractors or insurance companies; if there is a disaster, the insurance company needs to send people, or contractors, to assess the damage. Currently those people make reports about the damage and send it back to the office to analyze, repair and replace it. This was done using pen and paper. Encircle is an app for people in the field to use, who are the contractors, where they can take photos, log the data immediately. Furthermore, while this is happening people in the field, people in the office can also view their documentation. It allows for real-time communication and speeds up the process.


The app is used to record and document through pictures items that are owned by homeowners within their home. It allows users to create a detailed home inventory. This app is particularly useful because home owners are usually required to prove that they owned those appliances, items or valuables to their respective insurance companies. The insurance companies require home owners to prove they owned those products.

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As of 2016, they had four products that were well received and deployed by major financial institutions. Encircle works with customers in insurance, financial services, hospitality, transportation and other software industries.

Encircle is an app that allows these home owners to create a visual database by taking pictures of items they own or in their home and create a detailed inventory for the situation they need to prove to their insurance companies they owned these items.

The app also allows users to use automated reporting engines that allow users to generate PDF or Excel reports. Before Encircle, users would have had to manually type out reports. With the app, the reports are automatically generated.

“Encircle now offers insurance carriers, adjusters and restoration contractors a full suite of field automation solutions to cover all emergency management processes from pre-inspection and risk mitigation to claim documenting, reporting and post inspection” according to their website.


Encircle started in Velocity Residence and were given space in the largest free incubator space; otherwise known as the Velocity Garage. Currently, they are located on the third floor in Communitech, which is located in Kitchener, Ontario, in the old Tannery buildings.

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Contact Info

team@encircleapp.com / Toll Free +1-888-937-1077Direct +1-519-279-6830

151 Charles St. West, Suite 100
Kitchener, ON, Canada, N2G 1H6

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