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The 5 Best Dinner Restaurants on Bank Street in Ottawa


Bank Street is one of the liveliest streets in Ottawa. It runs north to south and is the backbone of many neighbourhoods, stretching through Downtown, Centretown, the Glebe and Old Ottawa South. Of course, peppered all along Bank Street are endless cafes and restaurants, but the wide array of food choices can get a little […]

What Are The Canadian Holidays and When Are They?

With this article, we list all of the holidays in Canada. Learn the history and origin of each, when they are celebrated, and how Canadians celebrate each one. Some are federally recognized, and businesses remain closed in observance of them. Some are publicly recognized but everything remains open. A statutory holiday is also known as […]

What is typical authentic Canadian food? A Quick Guide For You Eh?

Canadian cuisine takes influence from First Nations, British and French cuisine with its own additions suited to resources available in Canada. With several different climates spanning Canada, the cuisine changes with each region. We have compiled a list of the most popular recipes with exploration into the history and origin of each, to provide a […]

Museums in Kitchener-Waterloo

Museums make for a great day trip. Everyone from children to adults loves museums, for they introduce new knowledge, have interactive displays to stimulate our natural curiosity, and are the perfect day trip especially on winter days when going outside is out of the question. They provide an atmosphere of learning, while preserving different aspects […]

The Glebe | Neighbourhoods of Ottawa

The Glebe is one of Ottawa’s most beloved neighbourhoods. It is the perfect mix of residential houses and local businesses, giving it a homey feel as well as the convenience and charm of a small downtown. It is located just south of downtown, bordered by the Queensway highway to the north and the beautiful Rideau […]

Forest Heights | Neighbourhoods of Kitchener Waterloo Region

This neighbourhood of Forest Heights is a bit older and more established than many neighbourhoods in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, which makes it a prime destination for anyone moving into the area – particularly families. Bordered by Trussler Road, Highland Road West, Fischer-Hallman Road and the Highway 7/8, it is conveniently nestled next to the Conestoga […]

New Immigrants to Canada and ESL Student Problems and Solutions

new canadian immigrant and esl student problems

As a new immigrant to a country such as Canada or the United States, there sometimes can be a lot of unexpected problems that you’ll face when you begin assimilating into a new society.  This is particularly true if you are an ESL student, or someone who doesn’t know english very well.   When you are […]

How New Immigrants Can Be More Canadian and Assimilate into the Culture

assimilating into canadian society

One of the hardest things for immigrants to get accustomed to, apart from the language, is the differences in culture between their motherland and that of Canada. This article will seek to dissect some of the core facets of Canadian culture for any of those that are wondering how to best ‘assimilate’. This article also […]