Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Review

Today we review a popular destination in the city of Cambridge, Ontario: the Butterfly Conservatory!


2500 Kossuth Road, Cambridge, Ontario

Kossuth Road is accessible from HWY 24 Hespeler Road North from Guelph. If coming from Toronto, take exit 282 from the 401. It is also accessible from Fountain Street. There is lots of free parking onsite.

This place is guaranteed to inspire awe in adults and children alike.


Tuesday to Sunday 10:00AM – 5:00PM. The conservatory is closed on Mondays between October 15th and March 1st, except on Family Day. The last admittance time is 4:00PM.

The conservatory is typically open Easter Weekend, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day and Thanksgiving. The Conservatory closes for a week at Christmas time.


Ages 13-64 $13.25
Seniors 65+ $11.25
Children 3-12 $7.00
Children 2 & under FREE
Members FREE (with a paid annual membership)

Special needs

Attendants 50% off $6.63
Ages 13-64 $10.60
Seniors 65+ $9.00
Children 3-12 $5.60
Children 2 & under FREE

The Conservatory

Opened in 2001, the Butterfly Conservatory does not receive any financial support from the government; it is solely reliant upon admission sales and gift shop and café income. The Conservatory is placed upon a 107-acre site, in a 25 000 square foot facility. Here you will find thousands of butterflies from all over the world – and they are living, of course! The Conservatory calls them “free flying” meaning they are able to roam about the huge indoor tropical garden, which itself is 10 800 square feet in size. You can watch the butterflies come out of their chrysalid state – bear witness to their coming out of cocoons.

Within the indoor tropical garden, you will also find over one hundred varieties of tropical plants, finches, slider turtles, Chinese painted quails, reflecting pools and waterfalls.

The Conservatory works safari style, where visitors can walk right through the homes of the butterflies and creatures who live there. It makes for a nice day trip for the family on a rainy or cold day especially, when you are looking for indoor activities that are relatively affordable. The conversatory is wheelchair accessible, so everyone can take part! It is very warm inside, especially in the greenhouse, since it is a tropical setting, and must be inhabitable for the gentle, delicate butterflies who live here. To cool off you can simply step into one of the galleries which are air conditioned.
Some people get married here!

With its tropical atmosphere, you will walk into a whole new world where you can learn about all the different butterflies and see them in action. Adults will feel like children again, with magic reinstilled in them. Children will be amazed and love all the different shapes and colours. Their colours and movement are sure to amaze and inspire wonder and appreciation in all conservatory goers. The butterflies do not usually land on people, but they will land on a select special few.

If you are feeling down, this is a wonderful place to see. The atmosphere is so refreshing, with the soft butterflies all around you, tickling your fingers and ears. Their quiet fluttering will inspire a sense of peace and joy. It is an experience that you will remember, with special, colourful butterflies surrounding and sometimes landing on you.

The display of plants is wonderful, as they are meant to attract the butterflies. You will not be disappointed after visiting here: there is much to see, and so much life around you. You can sit on a bench and take it all in, watching small birds, butterflies, and even some koi fish! With your visit you can watch the chrysalis and hope to see a butterfly emerge.

Outside, beside the parking lot, are milkweed plants. These are host plants for Monarch butterflies, an endangered species. If you look closely in the warm months you will see Monarch caterpillars feeding on these plants.

The staff is very open with explanations about how they acquire their chrysalids and butterflies. They are accommodating and helpful, very courteous and friendly, willing to help with anything. The best part is they allow photography (without flash, of course) so you can bring a camera to capture some special memories.

To keep things interesting, the conservatory has some rotating exhibits featuring species from different parts of the world.

You will also find, onsite, two galleries that have mounted displays of insects and butterflies, a café and a gift store. You can purchase an annual membership that will give you free admission to the conservatory for one year, 10% discount on gift store merchandise, 10% discount in the Chrysalis Café, and 10% on admission for accompany friends and family.

The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory will take about one and a half hours to walk through, and when you are done, you can browse the gift shop or enjoy a treat from the café. It is a great day trip for friends and family.

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