Best Post-Secondary ESL School Programs In The USA

There are over 600 colleges in the US that offer an ESL program for their students. Not every person who wants to attend college has mastered the English language.

Students can learn and practice English while attending for a variety of degrees. Mathematics or science students want to learn English while attending the best schools in the US.

When ESL students attend a well-known university, they’re able to learn English while carrying on studies for their degree.

NorthEast Colleges

University of Buffalo

University of Buffalo-SUNY has undergraduate programs that include ESL-focused learning. The school is actually ranked as one of the best colleges in the nation by U.S. News. They have plenty of classes with fewer than 20 students. Their most popular courses are business, management, marketing and Engineering. This doesn’t include their ESL classes. In fact, they have one of the largest amount of students who attend for the English learning classes. Their Intensive English Program provides students with all the courses they need for academic success. It’s 25 hours per week of course time taught by highly qualified instructors.

Bentley University

Located in Massachusetts, Bentley University has a diverse group of students and graduates. Ten percent of their graduates participated in ESL programs. It’s one of the highest percentages in the US. The most popular majors for students in the school are Finance and Business. Bentley has a ESOL center where students can take advantage of free resources. Instructors are available throughout the students’ time at the school to provide feedback on papers and essays. The center provides students with interview help as well as oral presentations.

Lehigh University

This is a private college that has been around since the late 1800s. It’s located a bit north of Philadelphia and only 75 miles from New York City. Students are required to live on campus, and they are able to participate in sororities or fraternities. Of all the graduates in 2016, 6% were participants in ESL focused learning. The International Center for Academic and Professional English calls itself more than an ESL program. They offer intensive learning for students who are multilingual. They help improve writing and oral communication for those who didn’t start out with English as their first language.

Southern Colleges

University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas has an Intensive English Language Program on campus. They offer training for students who don’t speak English as their first language. It’s perfect for those who want to study in the US from another country. The school offers scholarships for international students, so it makes sense that they’d have ESL courses. Their programs include Business, Engineering and Architecture. Students receive orientation, intensive English tutoring, and international student advising at the University of Arkansas.

Visit the University of Arkansas ESL department here

Saint Leo University

This university is located in Florida. It’s a private institution, but 10% of their students who graduated participated in ESL classes. Degrees are available in more than 40 fields of study. That includes business administration, criminal justice, and education. The university has a Bridge Program that helps ESL students who aren’t proficient in the language yet. International students are welcome to enroll in the university, and test into classes based on their language proficiency. The students who haven’t mastered English can attend classes with qualified instructors for communication skills.

Arizona State University

This university has the distinction of being the largest private college in the US. It’s a research university, so it attracts students from around the world. International students can learn English while attending classes in pursuit of their major. Students can attend Arizona State’s Learn English program. Students from more than 160 countries are welcomed into the college each year, so there’s a chance that there will be plenty of students from each country. They attend intensive English courses in programs accredited by the American Association of Intensive English Programs.

Midwest Universities

Marietta College

This college has courses for majors ranging from childhood education to engineering. There are 40 majors, and students can expect to receive Bachelor degrees in arts, science, music, or fine arts from attending. They have a range of opportunities for students to study abroad, too. Nine percent of their students have graduated after participating in ESL Classes. For those students who are fairly proficient, the college offers support classes. There’s intensive English classes as well as speaking and listening courses for international students who need more help.

University of Utah

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the school has had 9 percent of their graduates participate in ESL classes. While the school is highly focused on sports, they have incredible business courses. They have a School of Medicine, too. The school has an English Language Institute for English instruction. While students are learning English with Intensive English courses, they’re learning American culture. Courses include Skill-Building, which focuses on basic language skills. It moves on to intermediate or advanced levels of prep depending on the skill of the student. Each class is small enough for more individualized learning opportunities.

Lawrence Technological University

This school is small and private, but it ranks as one of the top colleges in the Midwest by US News. It’s located in Southfield, Michigan. It has undergraduate as well as graduate and lifelong learning opportunities. In 2016, 8% of the students in the school participated in ESL and graduated. Students from other countries can attend their ESL Institute or Bridge Program. The Bridge Program is 15 weeks of ESL courses. It’ll include 4 courses in English as a Second Language as well as 2 courses in the student’s chosen major.

West Coast Colleges

California Berkeley ESL

The students who attend ELS/Berkeley are able to share dorm rooms with students from the University of California Berkeley. It’s a great way to attend Berkeley California while learning English. There are intensive programs that include American Explorer English programs. The courses include a prep program as well as a Business English course for those who want to learn English that prepares them for business situations. Ideal for students who are taking marketing or business classes. Courses include Academic Writing for ESL, Advanced Grammar Skills and Business English for ESL Students.

California Lutheran University

This campus is located on the coast approximately 70 miles from Los Angeles. The area of Thousand Oaks is a beautiful one. Students attending CLU have the advantage of sunny days and stunning views. International students from over 40 countries have and will attend the university. The private university is committed to diversity in their classrooms. The university has an ESL program on campus for students who need to learn English while continuing their education. The program offers English for Academic Purposes, American Explorer, and Semi-Intensive English courses.

Seattle Pacific University

The Seattle, Washington university is small and private, but they welcome international students to their campus. The A.C.E. Language Institute is where students will spend 20 hours a week learning English while attending the school. Students can live in off-campus apartments, or live with host families. Along with English language courses, the institute provides cultural knowledge and communication courses for students.

Students who want to attend a college or university in the US can do so while also learning English. They don’t have to take years of courses on their own or delay their education while taking English classes. These incredible schools welcome many International students with courses to help them be successful scholars.

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