Best Movies To Help You Learn The English Language

Best Movies To Help You Learn The English Language

So, if you’re learning the English language, or maybe you just want to improve your speech, then you’re probably wondering what movies you could watch that would best help you to learn.  Movies are a great, fun way of getting immersed into another language and English is no exception to this rule.  There are a number of movies that can help you do this, but we think some are definitely are better than others.

There are several reasons why movies are a great way to get introduced to another language.

One of these reasons is because movies typically portray many scenes and inflections that are common to unique situations that may not be portrayed in a standard English lesson book for ESL learners.

Another reason that movies are great is because they typically introduce and include colloquialisms that one will not find in instructional books either.

Finally, movies are a great example of how people talk in a given language during regular conversation.

Many ESL instructional books are geared toward introducing how the English language is spoken in the ‘perfect situation’. In addition, there are a number of dialects present in movies that typically aren’t in audio books and other auditory based ESL learning aids.

So, at this point, you may be wondering, “What are the best English movies that one can watch to help improve their English?” ‘

List of Best Movies to Watch to Improve English Speaking Skills

Great question. Fortunately, we were able to compile a list of great movies that one should watch in order to get a better grasp of the English language.

#1 – A Beautiful Mind

This movie is about a brilliant scientist that eventually develops schizophrenia and is forced to find a way to cope with his illness before coming up with Nobel Prize contributions to the field of science.

This movie is great for ESL learners to use and learn from because it contains an eclectic range of subject matter, dialogue, and emotion within it. It’s one of the perfect movies for an ESL learner to get a better ‘feel’ for how the English language works in everyday usage, without too much slang to dilute the true meaning of the words or confuse the learner.

This movie is better recommended for those that are a bit further along in their learning as an ESL student than a beginner would be at.

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#2 – One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Similar to ‘A Beautiful Mind’, the movie, ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, is a great movie for all ESL learners to watch. This is because there is much subject matter that is similar to that of ‘A Beautiful Mind’.

It also contains different character types, emotions, acting ranges, and concepts embedded within that might not necessarily be found in the typical ‘ESL’ material. Thus, this is a great choice for anyone that wishes to get a better grasp of the English language through movies.

We would recommend this movie for any individual that is serious about learning the English language in a practical and unobstructed manner.

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#3 – Fight Club

The movie, ‘Fight Club’, featuring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton is an excellent movie for any ESL learner This is because the narration by Edward Norton that is prevalent throughout the entirety of the movie utilizes nearly perfect English.

This narration makes the plot of the movie extremely easy to follow and thus one of the best movies for an ESL learner to use to learn the English language.

Another added bonus to the movie is that it breaks down many concepts in interpersonal relationships that more than likely won’t be found in any formal scholarly literature dealing with the issue.

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#4 – Dazed and Confused

While this is an alternative movie that is based on the consumption of drugs and partying by high school kids, it gives really good insight into pop culture. There are a lot of pop culture references in the movie.

This is a great film for ESL learners that are looking to get a better idea of some of the pop-culture references that are commonly affiliated with the English language as well as some of the unique inflections and colloquialisms.

Warning should be noted with this movie as some of the more sensitive material that is depicted within may offend viewers with a more upscale taste in theatre.

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#5 – The Big Short

This movie is undoubtedly for those that are at an advanced level of learning English. It deals with complex financial terminology and contexts.

However, it’s the perfect language acquisition tool for any individual to pick up if they are looking to get a much more advanced take on the English language. We must also warn that this movie is only for those that have nearly ‘mastered’ the rudimentary aspects of the English language. 

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