Best Laptop Repair Near University of Waterloo

We review some of the best laptop repair shops in vicinity to University of Waterloo. Just about everyone in a university classroom takes notes on their laptop, or inevitably uses a computer for essay writing, studying, and research.

Plus, we need our laptops for downtime between classes, to communicate with friends or watch a movie or two. In our throwaway society, where old things are thrown in the garbage instead of fixed, many repairmen and big box stories will convince you your laptop is not salavageable, and will convince you to buy a brand new technology. This is easier for them, as they don’t have to do any work, plus they make more money by selling these items.

For these reviews, we take into consideration the honesty of the business owners, as well as their willingness to help customers, plus expertise and efficiency. It is imperative that you get your laptop fixed as soon as possible so you can get back to studying and enjoying entertainment.

We also look at who provides the most fair pricing, as we know that student living can be difficult when you’re on a budget, and the last thing you need is a big repair bill for the tool that you will use the most.  These are in no particular order, but we’ve numbered them anyway!

#1 – Computer Service Depot – 372 King St N, Waterloo. (519) 747-5423

They may as well be called the Customer Service Depot. This repair shop is located in the north end of Waterloo, near the corner of King and Columbia. It is easily accessible by bus route going to and from the university. Staff is very friendly and funny, and attentive to each customer’s needs, whether you are in for a repair or a new laptop, and will share all necessary information so that you leave armed with the right knowledge of diagnosis, and the steps taken during repair. They will walk you through all possible repair options, or how to deal with the provider. We recommend going with them, as their service is speedy. Technicians are highly skilled, and you will leave feeling empowered and fearless. They will recover data, simplify your computer use, and can handle both Mac and PC. This shop is invaluable for anyone not computer-saavy. Should the damaged laptop be irreparable, Computer Service Depot sells laptops in a showroom that is well organised and maintains your ability to focus.

#2 – Refurbished Computer Sales & Service – 505 Dotzert Ct #2, Waterloo.  (519) 886-6801

This repair shop is located between Chapters and Conestoga Mall, accessible from bus routes. In addition to computer repair, you can buy computers here, recycle batteries, and use them for certified data destruction. These extra services put them above the others on our list. The staff will take time to acquaint you with the repairs done, as well as educate customers on a new computer or products when you buy them, all at no extra charge. Another great option in Waterloo whose staff care for their customers and have no problem sharing knowledge or inside information.

#3 – Waterloo Networks – 298 Marsland Dr, Waterloo. (519) 747-5979

This shop is especially helpful for those who know little to nothing of computers. When issues with the laptop arise, it can be very stressful when you don’t know what to do. The staff are great for explaining to you the problem and diagnosis, reassuring you they can fix it, and repairing the problem. Best of all they give your laptop back for free if they are unable to fix it. Most problems will be fixed with 24 hours, with fast service and lower cost than others. They will go above and beyond the call of duty by noticing and servicing anything else your laptop may need with a detailed invoice so you know exactly what they did and what you paid for. They will also, if possible, give you detailed instructions on how to repair the computer yourself free of charge. They are good for giving customers a break on pricing depending on the work.

#4 – Canada Computers – 234 Weber Street North, Waterloo – (519) 880-8088

Canada Computers is a parts store. They do offer laptop and computer repair. The staff is knowledgeable and perfectly apt when it comes to servicing a computer, but this store does have a reputation for rather poor customer service. You’ll have to know what you want when you go in, or have a thick skin when approaching the sales representatives. They do not coddle customers, but for some people this makes it easier to shop around. You will want to come here for parts if you’re looking to repair or build something on your own; they have everything you will need. As mentioned, their laptop and computer repair is just as good as the others on our list, but customer service is not their strong point. They made our list as they are close to the university and provide affordable services.

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