Best Free Online ESL and English Learner Video Resources – YouTube Edition

For those that are seeking to learn English, one of the biggest problems they’ll run into is not time or even difficulty, but money. With prices that range upwards of $1,000 for a single ESL course, finding efficient ways to learn the English language are scarce and few in between. Fortunately, there is a video site called YouTube, where dozens, if not hundreds of individuals post up guides, tutorial videos, and other helpful tools that ESL learners can use to gain a better grasp of the English language without paying a dime.

However, rather than providing a list of videos for you, we’d like to give you some great accounts to go and ‘subscribe’ to on YouTube that consistently provide high-quality videos for you to view:

#1 – JenniferESL

We aren’t exactly sure who this amazing woman is, or what inspired her to create this helpful channel in the first place, but Jennifer essentially covers all of the fundamental necessities of the English language, for FREE!

english with jennifer free esl youtube

She has hundreds of thousands of subscribers to compliment dozens of her videos involving the acquisition of English as a second language. What we like most about these her videos are that they are all professionally made in high-definition and extremely well-edited. Her videos essentially give you the same exact information that you would find in paid material that you would purchase from a licensed vendor.

We found videos on Jennifer’s channel that cover things ranging from rising and falling intonation to basic grammar and pronunciation skills. One of the best parts about this channel is that Jennifer essentially functions as a virtual private tutor, breaking down every aspect of the English language. In fact, her videos are so thorough that there are many individuals that speak English as a first language that could benefit from her significantly.

#2 – Real English

‘Real English’ is another YouTube channel that presents itself as an extremely helpful resource for those that are attempting to learn English as a second language.

real english free esl lessons

While the videos on this channel are a bit dated, they still hold as much relevance as any other ESL material when it comes to grasping the nuances of English as a second language. This channel is great for those that are looking to get a better grasp of how to interact with individuals in a conversational manner using the English language. What the channel does is show clips of basic conversations between individuals using the English language, breaking it down in such a way that allows the viewer to understand why certain individuals respond in a particular way in normal, everyday conversations.

#3 – FluencyMC

For those that are looking to learn English in a really cool and unique way, FluencyMC is one of the better YouTube channels that they could visit.

fluency mc

Rather than just packaging lessons in the classic instructional format, FluencyMC creates cool instructional videos that condense lessons into songs and other sing along raps that individuals can use to remember different rules better. While this method of learning isn’t for everyone, it relies on the proven psychological theory that states that hearing things in song makes it easier for individuals to learn and remember over time. The videos are extremely interactive as well.

Often times, ‘FluencyMC’ will give people certain instructions to follow that require them to get out of their seat and dance and sing to the songs that he has composed. This, of course, requires an understanding of the English commands that he is giving as well. Thus, if  you’re struggling with remember the format of some grammatical sentences or how to speak to individuals in a certain way, then FluencyMC is the best channel for you to visit! 

#4 – Rachel’s English

Rachel’s English is a really great channel because she gives a ‘homey’ feel to learning the English language.

rachel's english

Her videos are not overwhelmingly formal or stuffy like some of the other instructional videos on the market and she makes sure to interact with plenty of other individuals and environments in her videos in order to keep the viewers consistently engaged.

One of the greatest parts about the videos is that Rachel makes sure to cover all bases by challenging the reader’s ability to ascertain different grammatical and sentence structure nuances. In addition, Rachel is responsive to the comments that she receives on her page as well. So, if individuals comment on her videos and ask her to provide a lesson based on a certain grammatical principle or rule, then she is more than happy to oblige.


In conclusion, it would be foolish for any ESL student to not take full advantage of these free channels that are offered on YouTube. Long gone are the days where there were only a few individuals providing a small sampling of ESL lessons. The list of channels that we provided is just a microcosm of the amount of highly qualified professionals that provide excellent quality videos ESL learners.

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