Best Android Phone Repair Services in Kitchener-Waterloo

We review some of the best shops for android phone repair in Waterloo Region. Over the last decade or so, Waterloo has become a technology hub known to the world. As such, there are many repair shops for all communication technologies including cell phones, android phones, laptops and computers, to name a few.

Our lives revolve around cell phones and computers, and as to be expected with constant use, these technologies break down, or we damage them unexpectedly! Phone frames get bent and screens shatter, or phones do not accept chargers. No matter the issue, it is usually something that can be repaired instead of buying a new one. Big box stores will try to sell you a brand new product or overcharge for repairs, because money is their number one goal.

We review four of the best small businesses instead, and highly recommend you take your business to one of them. They are all relatively equal in terms of customer service and pricing and expertise, so choose depending upon your locale. We look at factors such as repair cost, efficiency (amount of time used to make repairs), trustworthiness and customer service.  These are in no particular order!

#1 – KW-PC Cell Phone Repair – 309 Lancaster St. West, Kitchener. (519) 594-0059

KW-PC is a small cell phone and computer repair shop. Despite being small, it is very clean and organized. It can be intimidating going into shops like this, where you may not understand all the details of technology or information on repair. The staff is not only very apt at fixing technology, but they are also humble folks who don’t make their customers feel inferior. They are also very flexible and will do the work around your schedule, and do everything they can to accommodate you. There are no secrets, smoke or mirrors here. Once diagnosis is made, staff will patiently explain the repair process and risks involved, as well as percentage success rate. Repairs are swiftly completed by a young, professional staff, and their prices are more reasonable than most places in Waterloo Region.

#2 – We-Lectronics: Cell Phone Repair – #4-299 Northfield Drive East, Waterloo. (519) 729-1372

We can’t go long without our cell phones: we need them for communicating, taking photos, and navigation. This is why speedy repair is one of the criteria we looked at when selecting cell phone repair shops for this list. We-Lectronics is another very speedy repair service. The staff are approachable and knowledgeable, and will answer any question you have. The repairs are executed in good time and with expertise. Another affordable option in Waterloo Region. If you require a repair they can have the parts needed within a day and will get to fixing your phone. On top of speedy repair and fair prices, staff are very friendly and helpful, and honest.

#3 – i-Wave Cell Phone Repair – #2D-207 King Street South, Waterloo. (519) 721-5060

It’s rare a customer should leave i-Wave Cell Phone Repair dissatisfied. You’ll be greeted by eager staff who will swiftly diagnose the issue and get to fixing it. You’ll notice that only small businesses are featured on our list, and that is due to their reliability. Small business owners do what they do because they believe in it. This passion is unparalleled when it comes to corporate names who are targeting high sales numbers. Harsh, owner of i-Wave Cell Phone Repair, cares about using his knowledge and expertise to help customers and repair technology. You can stay in the shop while they do the repair and will explain the steps as they go, or, if you take off, you will have your phone back within the day. He works hard to get to the bottom of each problem, and will help you troubleshoot anything step by step. Try this place for quick replacement of broken screens. He also provides cell phone plans and tips for how to deal with the big names like Apple.


#4 – KW Laptops & Smartphones, Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop Repair – 200 Highland Road West, Unit 7B, Kitchener. (519) 781-7717

Skilled and knowledgeable staff is able to solve any problems with smartphones, laptops and other communication technology. Technicians are armed with years of hands-on experience, and can complete the most challenging of tasks, including extracting data from the hard drive on a damaged computer.

If they deem your phone unsalvageable, they also sell smartphones so you can do the replacement right there on the spot for much less than you would pay in a corporate name retail store. Staff will treat you well and give fair prices on services and parts. Service is highly efficient; you can walk in with a broken screen phone and come out with it fixed fifteen minutes later. Your phone will be like new once they are finished with it. There is an upfront service fee, which you only pay if they are able to fix the phone. If they don’t fix the phone, you don’t pay it.

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