Annual Events In Waterloo Region

With a population of over 120,000 people, the city of Waterloo is home to people from all over the world. With residents from Canada, countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and South America, there are people from all over the world. This ensures the city has plenty of culture, delicious cuisines, festivals, and much more. Waterloo is an exciting place to live in all months of the year. Which such a blend of cultures, the city is home to many unique festivals, which are brought to you by locals and expats alike.


Waterloo has a rising music scene and it’s nearby neighbour of Kitchener also helps to host many festivals that are directed toward the music and art scenes. Waterloo and Kitchener together host many music festivals throughout the year. In the summer months, the cities are home to Blues and Jazz festivals. The Blues Festival takes over the downtown area of Kitchener once a year and brings in artists and bands from across the world. Kitchener is also home to a country music festival in the summer months. The city also hosts a recently created electronic music festival which brings in people from across the country. Artists, DJ’s, and bands from across the world play at the music festival.

In the summer months, the Uptown of Waterloo hosts busker festivals and markets in the public square. These markets often sell locally grown foods, crafts, and clothing and jewelry. In Waterloo Park, many movie nights are held. These movie nights are often for families, however the atmosphere is exciting and very social. Donations in the form of canned goods are accepted in order to help give back.

In the month of October, Kitchener is home to the second largest Oktoberfest festival in the world. The largest takes place in Germany, where the festival originates. Kitchener is home to the second largest festival due to the fact it was settled mostly by German immigrants many years ago. This is evident through the architecture in the city as well as street names. This festival brings in people from across Canada, and thousands of revellers attend a few different organized events which includes a lot of beer, traditional dancing, shows and events, and general socializing.

In the wintertime, Waterloo hosts many events that involve winter sports. The main square in the Uptown of Waterloo always has an ice-rink and many events are held here including skating nights, Christmas parties, and markets. Kitchener also hosts one of the most exciting Chriskrinkle markets, which brings in artisans from across the country to display their goods. Many clothes, presents, gifts, and baked goods are sold at these markets.

During Christmas, Waterloo Park hosts a display of lights, which is often accompanied by markets, sleigh rides, and general Christmas cheer. In the nearby village of St. Jacobs, the St. Jacobs Sparkle festival celebrates Christmas in a unique and cozy way. Many shops will have sales and invite residents in for cups of hot chocolate and delicious desserts and baked goods.

In the spring and summer months, there are many other festivals located around the city and in the small towns near Waterloo. The city hosts many cultural events including Serbian food festivals, British festivals, and the nearby city of Elora hosts a maple syrup festival. The Maple Syrup Festival often happens while there is still snow on the ground, ensuring an authentic and heart warming experience.


Since there is a huge blend of cultures in the Waterloo region, there are many cultural and religious celebrations.

In the wintertime, many people celebrate Christmas. In Waterloo, there are plenty of Christmas lights and markets to attend. Local shopping malls celebrate by decorating and displaying large Christmas trees.

Other religious events take place across the city including Eid, Ramadan celebrations, and Hannukah celebrations. Waterloo strives to involve all cultures and religions throughout the year, which makes it an exciting place to call home. Many locals become involved in celebrations that are new to them, ensuring people are incredibly open minded and eager to learn about new cultures.

Sports are also a huge celebration in Canada and many sports teams rejoice in celebrations throughout the year. Music festivals, cultural festivals, and art shows are often celebrated throughout the city, ensuring there is something for everyone.

The City of Waterloo is always open to hearing suggestions about what locals and residents are looking to find in their city. Every year, new festivals, markets, and celebrations are being added to the list of things to do in the city. Since Waterloo has a trendy and ever changing vibe, the locals and residents are always open to new suggestions. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your local community members in order to attempt to start a new festival or share ideas. Festivals take place in all corners of the city and are a great way for the city to gain exposure and bring in new business.

Many cities nearby to Waterloo have other festivals and celebrations that are worth checking out. In the nearby city of Fergus, a Scottish Festival celebrations the massive number of immigrants from the British Isles. Toronto hosts a wide variety of festivals every month that range in size and type. In the summertime, a visit to Toronto is worth it simply to attend the Caribana Festival, a huge festival put on by the Caribbean community in the city. This festival involves a lot eating and dancing, so be prepared! Other cities across the province of Ontario host a wide variety of festivals and celebrations, so be sure to find out more about your new home and get involved! There is no greater way to discover your new home than attending these festivals, meeting new friends, learning new things, and socializing.

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