Activities In Waterloo Region

Waterloo is a mid-sized city located in southern Ontario in Canada. With a population of over 120,000, the city of Waterloo has been growing in the past few years and continues to attract people from all over the world. With a large student population due to the city serving as the home of two highly regarded universities, the University of Waterloo and Laurier University, and one excellent college, Conestoga College, the city of Waterloo has a spectacular and vast amount of activities and entertainment. From sports leagues to libraries, museums, and unique events and activities, the city of Waterloo offers something for people of all ages, genders, and budgets.

Shopping Malls

The city of Waterloo has one large shopping mall known as Conestoga Mall. With indoor shops, a food court, and plenty of variety, Conestoga Mall has everything from electronic shops to fashion, food, and accessories. Outside of the mall, there are many shops in the Uptown area as well as in a recently constructed development known as the Boardwalk. Both of these areas have shops in plazas and along the main street, so there is no indoor covering during extremely hot and cold seasons. Waterloo has major brand and department stores and if they are not located in the city of Waterloo they can be found in other close cities like Kitchener, Cambridge, and Guelph. In small plazas across the city of Waterloo, other shops can be found including craft shops, fashion outlets, shoe shops, and much more. Everything you could possibly need should be found within the city of Waterloo, and if not, it can be found in a nearby city. The closest mall to the city of Waterloo is Fairview Mall, a large and popular mall located in the city of Kitchener.


The city of Waterloo has two public libraries, one that is located near to the University of Waterloo campus and is brand new, and another that is located in the Uptown area of Waterloo. Both libraries are large and well equipped with plenty of books, dvd’s, films, and resources. Both libraries have computers, internet, and printers for public use. In the new library that was constructed near to the University of Waterloo, there are plenty of other resources in the community centre including a gym, a workout room, and a swimming pool. Libraries are also located on the campuses of both Universities and the local Conestoga College. The libraries belong to the respective schools, however they are occasionally used by the public. These libraries contain a lot more resources than the public libraries in terms of furthering education. The public libraries contain a lot more novels, poetry, and dvd’s.


Waterloo is home to a few museums including the Canadian Clay and Glass Museum and the Seagram Museum. The Seagram Museum tells of the history of the area as well as the sectors and growth that resulted in todays Waterloo. The Canadian Clay and Glass Museum is an incredible display of artwork and creations made locally. Purchases can be made at this museum, as well as visitors taking workshops and other activities. In the nearby city of Kitchener, The Museum is an incredible and modern museum located in the downtown area of Kitchener. Again, this museum tells of the history of the Tri-City’s and provides insight into the growth and production around the area. Waterloo does not have many art museums, however the nearby villages around Waterloo often have many unique museums and showrooms.


The region of Waterloo is home to many sports leagues that cater to people of all ages and genders. Sports leagues range in variety depending on the season. In the wintertime, there are many ice hockey and skating leagues as well as ski and snowboard teams. In the spring and summer months, there are many basketball, soccer, football, and baseball leagues and teams. The city has other sporting teams including running teams, swimming teams, and other water sports teams. Waterloo is home to a few public gyms that require memberships. Whether you prefer to work out alone or to join a soccer league, the city of Waterloo has something for everyone. The universities and colleges host their own sports leagues that consist of fun and varsity leagues. These leagues can only be joined by students attending the schools. High schools and elementary schools also have their own sports leagues.


The city of Waterloo has plenty of other entertainment and activities including movie theatres, nightlife, bowling alleys, and unique forms of entertainment including battle axe throwing competitions and escape rooms. Entertainment comes in a wide range of forms across the city and there is something for every age group, family, and gender. Many residents of Waterloo also find a lot of entertainment by heading to the nearby St. Jacobs to shop at the farmers market as well as heading Uptown to see buskers and other shows during the weekends. The square in Uptown Waterloo often hosts many unique events during every season, including an ice rink during the wintertime and shows, events, festivals, and markets during the spring, summer, and fall months.

Waterloo has three movie theatres located in the city. Two host popular movies and are incredibly modern complexes. The third theatre is a small, old theatre located in the Uptown area. This theatre hosts many independent and foreign films. Seeing a movie in Waterloo is relatively expensive compared to other activities. Films in Canada generally cost around $10, depending on the age and movie theatre. Sometimes, movies are cheaper to see on Tuesdays, so if your on a budget, head there on a Tuesday!

The city of Waterloo has a wide variety of exciting forms of entertainment including sports teams, libraries, movie theatres, bowling alleys, and different forms of nightlife. Waterloo is a great city to raise a family in as well as live as an individual. With endless options for entertainment and shopping, the city has everything you need and everything is easily accessible.

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