Many people around the world would love to live in Canada, and of course there is a lot about Canada to love.  For some, moving to Canada and being a permanent resident is their dream.

Canada is a multi-cultural nation that embraces its multi-cultural identity and welcomes new immigrants across its borders.  Canadian citizens have universal health care, and everyone who is a tax-paying citizen can have their own family doctor.  People are friendly, the land is beautiful, and there are many ways to build a family or business and see the benefits of a proper education for your children.  Crime rates are generally low, and most people who own guns like to use them to hunt and experience the natural beauty of the countryside, not commit crimes.

rattlesnake point, milton ontario

Some of the main reasons that people outside of Canada want to move there permanently is because people in Canada are not judged for their ethnic background, religious beliefs, their appearance, language, sexuality, or for having different opinions.   This is why Canada has been called the “mosaic” rather than the “melting pot”.  Of course, to be completely realistic, people in Canada don’t always agree with each other, but there is a lot of tolerance here and multi-culturalism is generally embraced.  For someone who is from a country where differences are not tolerated at all, Canada is like a land of freedom to be however you want to be.  Kim Campbell summarized many of these things in a telling sentence: “Canada is the homeland of equality, justice, and tolerance.”


If you are interested in moving to Canada, it would help you to know something about the country itself.  It would also help you to hear from people who have already moved to Canada and successfully made the transition to permanent residency here.  We here at Dreams of Canada have done the research and talked to many immigrants who have come here, and the purpose of this website is to share their stories with you, including why they were motivated to move here, where they went, and how they integrated into Canadian society in terms of the various social aspects, from meeting new people, to dating, to getting a job, or just having fun.

We also will provide you with high quality information on the country itself, from geography, to information about major cities, to education, renting rooms and property, to landmarks, to other elements of the Canadian culture.  You will also need to consider how to get things like a driver’s license, bank account, SIN number, and you might also want to improve your english speaking skills.  We will go through all of this on this website as well.

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Furthermore, we will provide a platform for immigrants to discuss their stories with each other, in the form of a forum.  You will hear about hardships, challenges, as well as success stories.  You can use this site as a guide to your coming to Canada!  Ultimately, we want people to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true!